Monday, December 14, 2009

Why couldn't I just settle for being beautiful....

Did I really NEED to be smart too?!!? I am headed of to take my Constitutional Law exam in 3 hours and I must say that I more stressed out about this open-everything test than I was about my closed-book, memorize everything verbatim Evidence exam. Oh well, I prayed to get into law school. It pays the cost to be the boss!!! Pray for me and wish me luck!!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Over the Top Award!!!

Thank you so much K, at A Journey Through The Waiting Game, for this award!!

To accept this Over the Top award I must answer these questions and then pass the award on to 7 other bloggers. So here goes...

1. Where is your cell phone: On a stack of constitutional law books, I have to prioritize girls.
2. Your hair: messy bun, emphasis on messy.
3. Your mother: is such a mom...stay at home, shop, bake, sew, make things, decorate, kitchen gadget queen.
4. Your father: a book nerd... lol, he is an ob-gyne.
5. Your favorite food: homemade or mexican
6. Your dream from last night: super strange... I had a brand new beautiful blue eyed baby girl.
7. Your favorite drink: water. It's good for you!
8. Your dream/goal: to be the best wife and mother that I can be.
9. What room are you in: my dining room.
10. What is your hobby: law school... lol... no, scrapbooking, sewing, reading
11. What is your fear: being alone... I am a social butterfly.
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years: On haitus from my job as an attorney, married with at least 2 kids.
13. Where were you last night: ummm.... watching Christmas movies and taking a break from studying :)
14. Something you are not: a liar or a lazy person
15. Muffins: bran.. I love fiber!
16. Wish List items.: New camera, new wellies, new longchamp, new Tory B revas, new horse ;)
17. Where did you grow up: the North Shore, Illinois
18. Last thing you did: Fought my boyfriend for the computer after he made fun of me on his fb status! I had to defend myself!
19. What are you wearing: yoga pants and a sweatshirt.
20. Your TV: works...
21. Your pets: a shihtzu named Blaise Christian Louboutin and a yorkie named Harry Winston and hopefully an Arabian named Baby.
22. Your friends: beautiful and compassionate.
23. Your life: law school. That is all.
24. Your mood: impatient... law school finals need to be over.
25. Missing someone: my mama
26. Vehicle: It's a dodge
27. Something your not wearing: a ring.. lol, I dunno.
28. Your favorite store: Saks or Bloomies
29. Your favorite color: Pink
30. When's the last time you laughed: 5 seconds ago... the men in my life are hilarious (the man and the fur babies!)
31. When's the last time you cried: I can't even remember! That is a good thing!
32. Your best friend: is probably cuddling or arguing with her fiance!
33. One place you go over and over: Starbucks, TJ Maxx and Target. This college town is small... sigh!
34. One person who emails me regularly: Biff, the bf and my bestie, while she is at work (she can't gchat so we use email like gchat. I have to clean out about 100 emails of my blackberry a day!).
35. Favorite place to eat?: Anywhere that I can dress up!

Ready or not, I tag:

1. Cowgirl in the City

2. Preppy Cricket

3. Everyday Delights

4. Bronzed Beauty

5. The Sweet Sea

6. Third Coast Preppy

7. Stumbling in Stilettos

Monday, November 9, 2009

No, I am an equestriENNE!

I have been a bad, bad blogger and deserve a definite time out. The problem is that I don't have time for time out or blogging, but I have been making time to keep my stress levels low by keeping up with horseback riding. I LOVE horses! My love affair started when I was a little girl visiting my uncle's ranch in Montana. Ever since then, I just sink deeper and deeper in love. There is nothing like going for a ride at a good past trot with my hair flowing in the wind.

Since relocating for law school, I have found an awesome place to ride and have been browsing for new horse related goodies *tsk tsk* to add to my collection! Of course, first on my list is a monogrammed helmet cover! I love this one :

My big guy can match his mama with this matching monogrammed halter!

I looooove the ribbon on this saddlepad... and it is only $22!!!

This is a lovely show saddlepad:

And of course something for me! Isn't this pearl bit necklace cute?

Horses = Love!
Tata for now friends!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

so... ummm... yeah.... shopping?

I have absolutely NO idea what to blog about today!!! My mind is stuck on shopping! I am home this weekend visiting my parents and I am so happy to be here not just to see them, but because we have the best shopping places ever!!! I love my hometown!!! I keep trying to convince Biff to look for a patent attorney job here because I could never imagine leaving!!! Anywho, I am thinking of all the places I want to go shopping before I leave on Sunday, but I leave you with this fabulous preppy site!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Apartment Dwellers!

Oh yeah! I found a great apartment idea website that I wanted to share! Check it out:

I hate apartment shopping!!!!!

Usually I enjoy looking for a new apartment, but since I have moved to small town , nowhere I CANNOT find a decent apartment! Apartments here are so expensive and poorly managed! It is awful! Currently I live in a large luxury complex, which isn't luxury at all. It is just better than everything else! I also live in a two bedroom apt., but next year I have to move to a one bedroom because I will be living alone. I am happy to be living alone, but not happy spending nearly $1000 on a one bedroom apartment by staying where I am now. While this is expected in larger cities, it is NOT acceptable in a small town!!! I don't get it!! I know this is a college town, but geez, the population is less than 100,000 and it drops down to half during the summer months!

Unfortunately, I think that I will continue to fork over the cash to stay at this complex. I have been looking around and everywhere else is disgusting or poorly taken care of! SIGH!!! At least here I have my own washer and dryer, dishwasher, huge rooms, balcony (that I can actually put furniture on), internet, cable, pool, etc. So it is a great place to live and I guess I gotta pay the cost.... I am excited about upgrading some of my furniture and work on my storage solutions! I was at target the other day and I found plastic shoeboxes at 5pk for $4.00!!! That is a great price!!! I have been wanting to put all of my shoes in plastic shoeboxes forever. I love my shoes and I don't buy cheap shoes, so I take very good care of them and always keep them in the boxes. As you can imagine, pulling cardboard shoeboxes in and out can cause the boxes to fall apart over time. But nevermore!!! I have a fabulously organized closet (at least as far as my shoes are concerned!!!) My plan is to get a closet that looks like this.

I have way more stuff than this and I don't know how I am going to pull this off, but I am an organization freak! I love things to be organized and have its own space. So my shoeboxes are like Christmas!!!! I will post pics of my awesome closet when I finally figure this out!!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

There is a wedding in the future!!!

But NOT mine... sigh... One of my best girlfriends is getting married!!!! Her fiance called me this morning and asked me what kind of ring she wanted, purchased it today and proposed to her tonight! I am so very excited for her!!! However, Biff and I have been talking about marriage, but just recently he told me that it would be at least 2 years before we get engaged... and I don't want to rush him but it is a little discouraging. Especially since just 2 months ago I told him that if Aforementioned Friend gets engaged before me that I was gonna be really mad at him. And here we are. Of course I am not upset with him and I didn't expect them to be getting engaged so soon, but it makes me a lilttle impatient. Patience is not one of my strong points. I try to be patient, but oh, it is so hard for me. I know that waiting patiently is the best, but I fear that the oncoming wedding plans of someone so close to me will make me restless.

On a side note, one of my other best friends is moving to Cali tomoro! I will miss her so!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy Friday!!!

I have had an excellent friday!!! I had a super long to do list and I got most of my errands done!!! I have a friend coming to stay with me for a few weeks because she is moving to Cali and her things are being shipped this weekend! No one wants to stay in an empty apartment! So priority on my list was to prepare for her arrival! I am very excited!!!

So here was my to do list for today!

  • Go for a run ( I am trying to get to the point where I enjoy running. I am not there yet.)

  • Clean my apartment- Clean the guest room, wash all the linens and clothes, straighten up, mop, sweep

  • Drive 24 miles for my favorite hair product. ( I live in a smaller town, not hillbilly small, but hippy-ish small town small and they don't have any high end salons or department stores here.... sigh.)

  • Go to the Target in 24 miles away town. (I always find fun stuff there!)

  • Come back home and go grocery shopping for lots of healthy foods! (I am kind of a food snob... like if I could shop at Whole Foods, Trader Joe's and Great Harvest Bread Co, I would. However, law school doesn't allow it and I have to plan meals VERY carefully for me and Biff so that we get quality food at reasonable prices. We are also trying to get in marathon shape, so we MUST eat better)

  • Stop by T.J. Maxx (Just because... I never know what I will find!)

  • Check and see if my Kate Spade cosmetic bag has come in the mail. ( So excited)

  • Check and see if my new Lilly dress has arrived yet! (I hate how it is a rainy fourth of July weekend... Lilly deserves better weather!)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It is my birthday!!!!

Ok... so my birthday was yesterday! But if you are like me, then you know that birthdays last all week!!! I would have blogged yesterday all about my wonderful day, but Biff, the amazing boyfriend kept me guessing all day!!!

  • He sends me flowers at the courthouse where I am clerking for the summer! It is an unbelievable 2 dozen rose bouquet! It is gorgeous and needless to say my "perfect man" was the talk of the floor all day! The courthouse ladies love him! I was running late to work that day and he sent me a text at about 10:00 asking me why I wasn't at work and then scolding me for being a slacker. Little did I know that he was really just being impatient and couldn't wait for me to get the flowers! When I got to work, a little birdie (another intern) blurted out "Happy Birthday! You got flowers!!" I think she is the sweetest prep so I wasn't upset, but Bif was annoyed because he wanted me to know about them first. It was funny because he is the only one that calls me "Bunny" and realized that he should put my real name on the delivery and send it to one of our mutual Judge friend's chambers, but the delivery guy still screwed up and sent it to my office instead, which is across from the Judge's chambers. See how pretty they are!!!

  • He made me go to this workout program called "Dog Days". I wasn't going to go, but he told me that our married friends were going to be there and Mrs. Friend was going to be outnumbered by he and Mr. Friend if I didn't show up. So I went. If the name is any indication on how tortuous it is, add that to 98 degree heat with a heat index of 115 and asthma. I wanted to kill him! It is basically drills and running several miles OUTSIDE. Did I mention it was 98 degrees... and my birthday!?!? So, while all of my friends are texting me asking what we are going to do for my birthday I am explaining to them how I am going to workout and how Biff isn't really a bad bf, he just wants me to be healthy!

  • On my way home from DD Biff calls me and tells me "no snacking" because he want's me to be hungry for dinner. I was famished because it was already after 7pm. He then spends an hour and half getting ready at his apartment. I have time to arrange my 2 dozen flowers (they are delivered in a box), talk to mummy and shop the net, then proceed to shower, pick out my prettiest Lilly and do my hair. I hear a noise in the other room. I quietly peak out to see Biff standing next to my pups (who failed to bark = could have been a mass murderer in my house and I would never know!) looking quite dapper. He has let himself in and tells me to hurry up before we miss the movie.

  • We leave for the movie and in the car he tells me that we are too late and that we should grab dinner instead, but it has to be cheap because of the flowers. Of course I am being understanding because he is a broke law student as well. He then suggest we go to Sonic. I politely ignore him because I am still in a great mood because of my roses (and will starve before I eat Sonic on my b-day) and begin to think of where else we can go. Biff suggest we go to one of the nicest Italian restaurants in town and hope they have cheap food. I am thinking "huh?", but I say ok, we can go see.

  • We walk into the restaurant and he gives them my last name (which is Italian) and I am confused about all the commotion about a cheap dinner and movie when we already have reservations. The host shows us to our table and when I turn the corner.... SURPRISE, all of my texting friends are there, even the couple we worked out with at Dog Days!!!

Who would have known Biff and my buddies were so very sneaky. It turns out that all of the events that happened from working out at DD to my friends texting about dinner plans to suggesting we eat at Sonic where a plan to distract me and/or make me want to kill him, making the surprise even a bigger one! I love him.... I am SO the future Mrs. Biff. He knows it too ;)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Once upon a time.....

So. I really have nothing profound today which is exceptionally strange because I sat around day dreaming all day about my future home. Ok. I guess it really isn't that strange and it makes perfect sense that my profundity (thank you word of the day calendar) is limited to williams-sonoma, copper pots, preppy kid wall hangings, etc....

For some reason or another I have been overly domesticated and thinking about what kind of wife and mother I want to be.... I am a wierdo.

I plan to be a stay at home mom after my first child as born (yet I have earned a B.S., M.S.P.H. and now I am in law school.... clearly I am confused!). Anywho, I want to be a stay at home mom, who bakes bread and cookies, has full course meals for her hubby when he comes home, makes cute things for the babies and throws great kids birthday parties. I dream of buying all organic and making icecream. When I was younger, I never pictured myself as the domestic type, but lately I have been thinking more and more about what a pleasure it will be to be a stay at home mom, keeping my kids active and having a healthy, happy family.

Hehe! Of course this post wouldn't be complete if I didn't talk a little bit about things I NEED in my house!! so here we go.

I love the light airy feel of this room!

Monogram bed linens are so classic!
What kid wouldn't want a cake shaped like a cupcake or a circus tent!!Every girl needs a cosmo in a monogrammed glass!I would cook in these french copper pots ALL the time!
What kinds of things do you ladies long to have in your home?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Preppy Magazine!!

Has anyone heard of Plaid +Hound!?!? I could be extremely slow in finding it, but this self proclaimed "web magazine for the prepster moderne" is tons of fun and has lots of cute finds from anywhere between children and pups alike. I was at work when I discovered it, but let me tell you! In the short time I was able to browse through some of the sections, I was overjoyed by all the cute things. The website is pure joy. simple. Check it out!!! (Just click image)

P.S. I just ordered a cute lil cosmetic bag from Kate Spade. So excited!! I was gonna post a pic, but my comp is being Pissy.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Kate Spade Sample Sale!!!

Today was an extraordinarily long day at work!!! It was entertaining as usual, but I am working on a difficult case and it has toooonnnnsss of exhibits! Anywho, I was overjoyed when I got home and was checking out the cute bag that a fellow blogger had just ordered and discovered that she had scored it at the Kate Spade sample sale. I have checked out the tons of fab items that are listed on the Kate Spade site and I am contemplating whether I should treat myself to a few cute things!!! I will keep you guys updated with what I buy. Until then treat yourself!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It has been so long!!!

Hello My darlings!

I have been so very busy with my clerkship and finding a new apartment that I have been neglecting my blog!! I feel just awful! I have been working so hard, but I am very excited because this weekend I MAY be headed for the lake! I need a vacation soo badly! So in the spirit of a weekend at the lake I am going to share some cute nautical finds that I have been coveting!!

yet ANOTHER L.L. Bean Boat and Tote Bag... this time in navy!These cute pink plaid Sperry's!!!!Precious Nautical Pillows!

I FREAKING LOVE this hat!!!! My birthday is next Tuesday! ( I have my fingers crossed

Madras Flip Flops!

Cute Tiffany Studs... a girl can never have enough pairs....

Lastly (not really, but my list is toooo long!) this cute beach towel that I scored at walmart for $5!!!

My fur boys are ready!

Monday, May 18, 2009

My first day!!!

Good morning Darlings!!! I am racing to write this email because in an hour I will be on my way to my Summer Judicial Clerkship for my first day!!! I am so excited, but soooo FREAKING nervous!!! Wish me luck and I will tell you darlings all about it when I get back!! I just NEED my first day not to be like Elle's first day in law school (see photo above!)!!! ... NOW, what to wear???

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Um.... Am I being Sensitive?!?!

So I was walking to school with my best friend this morning and I think he insulted me. I say think because I know that he didn't mean to, but I was quite irritated!!! He is male and clearly oblivious to what NOT to say to a woman!!! It is 80 degrees here today so I am wearing a cute blue chino skirt. We were walking uphill so naturally I am looking down and I see my legs and think outloud "geez, my legs need a tan, they look kinda pale"! His response to that "naturally" (which I say with immense sarcasm) is that they are kinda chunky in the back too! WTF!?!?! Really?? Me stating that my legs were pale was not an invitation for him to add that they looked lardy as well! I then proceeded to pinch him really hard and emphatically express my utter disbelief at the audacity of his comment!!

ARE GUYS THAT DEVOID OF COMMON SENSE!!! His explanation for his comment was that he didn't think it would offend me because we say stuff like that to each other all the time. I must have missed that memo because I don't think I would be on speaking terms with him if I had to endure that kind of critism regularly. He made it worse by adding that it wasn't an insult and I should just work out. LIKE I DON'T ALREADY HAVE A CHUNKY LEG COMPLEX!!! He knows I complain about my bottom half (which is literally like 2 sizes bigger than my top half). He thinks that gives him license to complain about it too I guess! I really coulda pushed him in front of the bus that came roaring by at approximately the same time that he performed the flexible stunt of putting his entire foot in his mouth!

I told him that he was right, it wasn't offensive and that he was actually doing a public service! I then suggested that he call his mother and tell her about her legs as well. O:)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Testimony Tuesday!!!


I am absolutely the worst blogger as of late, but I had two killer finals this past week!!! Even worse than my 7 hour K final.... The last one had a 1 page study guide limit! It was criminal procedure. with over 100 cases. not. fun. Anywho! There are tons of things to be thankful for this week as well!!!

  1. I only have one final left and it is multiple choice!

  2. Christian Dior sunglasses.... I just lost my favorite pair :(

  3. Monogram Bedding

  4. My professor brought us "good luck finals cake"! It was yummy!

  5. My fur babies Blaise (shih tzu) and Harry (yorkie)!

  6. Mac Lipglass.... I am addicted!

  7. Shoes!! I collect them and I just remembered I need a new pair of cork wedges!!!

  8. Cute Lilly Dresses!!! Love them.

  9. My uncle loves me and sent me $$$!!! I am soooo grateful!

  10. Shoes.... Did I already say that? Ok, THIS pair of shoes!!! I saw them on a girl today and I had to find them.... I did.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Kentucky Derby Style!

Happy Saturday my lovelies!!!

I have had the longest day EVER!!! I had a huge test this morning, which I have been stressing over all week!! I am so happy it is over and I only have 2 more to go!! I am so excited. I hope that finals are going well for all you other lady law lovers too!

Anywho, in honor of the 135th Kentucky Derby I was browsing various derby hats. I absolutely LOVE them!!! I think they are the epitome of classic ladylike perfection! I think that there is nothing more stylish than a woman in a nice hat!!!

So I present to you.... DERBY HATS!!! Leave a message and tell me what you think!

Prior hats from Hat-a-tude!

And of course the elegant Audrey Hepburn!