Thursday, June 18, 2009

Preppy Magazine!!

Has anyone heard of Plaid +Hound!?!? I could be extremely slow in finding it, but this self proclaimed "web magazine for the prepster moderne" is tons of fun and has lots of cute finds from anywhere between children and pups alike. I was at work when I discovered it, but let me tell you! In the short time I was able to browse through some of the sections, I was overjoyed by all the cute things. The website is pure joy. simple. Check it out!!! (Just click image)

P.S. I just ordered a cute lil cosmetic bag from Kate Spade. So excited!! I was gonna post a pic, but my comp is being Pissy.


  1. Ohh....another site full of stuff for me to drool over and want to buy. Thanks!

  2. What a darling site - thanks for the link!