Friday, June 19, 2009

Once upon a time.....

So. I really have nothing profound today which is exceptionally strange because I sat around day dreaming all day about my future home. Ok. I guess it really isn't that strange and it makes perfect sense that my profundity (thank you word of the day calendar) is limited to williams-sonoma, copper pots, preppy kid wall hangings, etc....

For some reason or another I have been overly domesticated and thinking about what kind of wife and mother I want to be.... I am a wierdo.

I plan to be a stay at home mom after my first child as born (yet I have earned a B.S., M.S.P.H. and now I am in law school.... clearly I am confused!). Anywho, I want to be a stay at home mom, who bakes bread and cookies, has full course meals for her hubby when he comes home, makes cute things for the babies and throws great kids birthday parties. I dream of buying all organic and making icecream. When I was younger, I never pictured myself as the domestic type, but lately I have been thinking more and more about what a pleasure it will be to be a stay at home mom, keeping my kids active and having a healthy, happy family.

Hehe! Of course this post wouldn't be complete if I didn't talk a little bit about things I NEED in my house!! so here we go.

I love the light airy feel of this room!

Monogram bed linens are so classic!
What kid wouldn't want a cake shaped like a cupcake or a circus tent!!Every girl needs a cosmo in a monogrammed glass!I would cook in these french copper pots ALL the time!
What kinds of things do you ladies long to have in your home?


  1. It's funny - there's nothing like law school to bring out domestic instincts in some of us! Happened to me too.

    Those monogrammed linens are gorgeous!

  2. I love all of your picks for things you want to have in your home, especially the monogrammed martini glasses!

  3. LOVE the pots. I can't wait to register at Williams & Sonoma when I get married :) I love Pottery Barn and want to get a dark wood sleigh bed from there for my first house.