Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Testimony Tuesday!!!


I am absolutely the worst blogger as of late, but I had two killer finals this past week!!! Even worse than my 7 hour K final.... The last one had a 1 page study guide limit! It was criminal procedure. with over 100 cases. not. fun. Anywho! There are tons of things to be thankful for this week as well!!!

  1. I only have one final left and it is multiple choice!

  2. Christian Dior sunglasses.... I just lost my favorite pair :(

  3. Monogram Bedding

  4. My professor brought us "good luck finals cake"! It was yummy!

  5. My fur babies Blaise (shih tzu) and Harry (yorkie)!

  6. Mac Lipglass.... I am addicted!

  7. Shoes!! I collect them and I just remembered I need a new pair of cork wedges!!!

  8. Cute Lilly Dresses!!! Love them.

  9. My uncle loves me and sent me $$$!!! I am soooo grateful!

  10. Shoes.... Did I already say that? Ok, THIS pair of shoes!!! I saw them on a girl today and I had to find them.... I did.


  1. hey, i really like your blog, just hoping you could follow me as well? no pressure or anything haha, just trying to build a following. have a great day!

  2. I LOVE Mac Lipglass! I'm sure you did great, on all my finals that I could bring in one page of notes I did really well on, I think it is because in really working on that one page and trying to figure out what to put on it you actually end up studying really hard!

  3. I have the same shoes - but in the purple and with a heel. I want to get the black ones with the wedge, much more confy!