Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy Friday!!!

I have had an excellent friday!!! I had a super long to do list and I got most of my errands done!!! I have a friend coming to stay with me for a few weeks because she is moving to Cali and her things are being shipped this weekend! No one wants to stay in an empty apartment! So priority on my list was to prepare for her arrival! I am very excited!!!

So here was my to do list for today!

  • Go for a run ( I am trying to get to the point where I enjoy running. I am not there yet.)

  • Clean my apartment- Clean the guest room, wash all the linens and clothes, straighten up, mop, sweep

  • Drive 24 miles for my favorite hair product. ( I live in a smaller town, not hillbilly small, but hippy-ish small town small and they don't have any high end salons or department stores here.... sigh.)

  • Go to the Target in 24 miles away town. (I always find fun stuff there!)

  • Come back home and go grocery shopping for lots of healthy foods! (I am kind of a food snob... like if I could shop at Whole Foods, Trader Joe's and Great Harvest Bread Co, I would. However, law school doesn't allow it and I have to plan meals VERY carefully for me and Biff so that we get quality food at reasonable prices. We are also trying to get in marathon shape, so we MUST eat better)

  • Stop by T.J. Maxx (Just because... I never know what I will find!)

  • Check and see if my Kate Spade cosmetic bag has come in the mail. ( So excited)

  • Check and see if my new Lilly dress has arrived yet! (I hate how it is a rainy fourth of July weekend... Lilly deserves better weather!)

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