Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I hate apartment shopping!!!!!

Usually I enjoy looking for a new apartment, but since I have moved to small town , nowhere I CANNOT find a decent apartment! Apartments here are so expensive and poorly managed! It is awful! Currently I live in a large luxury complex, which isn't luxury at all. It is just better than everything else! I also live in a two bedroom apt., but next year I have to move to a one bedroom because I will be living alone. I am happy to be living alone, but not happy spending nearly $1000 on a one bedroom apartment by staying where I am now. While this is expected in larger cities, it is NOT acceptable in a small town!!! I don't get it!! I know this is a college town, but geez, the population is less than 100,000 and it drops down to half during the summer months!

Unfortunately, I think that I will continue to fork over the cash to stay at this complex. I have been looking around and everywhere else is disgusting or poorly taken care of! SIGH!!! At least here I have my own washer and dryer, dishwasher, huge rooms, balcony (that I can actually put furniture on), internet, cable, pool, etc. So it is a great place to live and I guess I gotta pay the cost.... I am excited about upgrading some of my furniture and work on my storage solutions! I was at target the other day and I found plastic shoeboxes at 5pk for $4.00!!! That is a great price!!! I have been wanting to put all of my shoes in plastic shoeboxes forever. I love my shoes and I don't buy cheap shoes, so I take very good care of them and always keep them in the boxes. As you can imagine, pulling cardboard shoeboxes in and out can cause the boxes to fall apart over time. But nevermore!!! I have a fabulously organized closet (at least as far as my shoes are concerned!!!) My plan is to get a closet that looks like this.

I have way more stuff than this and I don't know how I am going to pull this off, but I am an organization freak! I love things to be organized and have its own space. So my shoeboxes are like Christmas!!!! I will post pics of my awesome closet when I finally figure this out!!!


  1. I LOVE this closet!!! I so need to clean mine out and get it organized! Maybe if I print off a pic of a closet like this and post it on my bathroom mirror where I will see it everyday - I will get motivated to actually do it! ha ha

  2. LOVE that closet! Your blog is so cute - you have a new follower! :)