Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It is my birthday!!!!

Ok... so my birthday was yesterday! But if you are like me, then you know that birthdays last all week!!! I would have blogged yesterday all about my wonderful day, but Biff, the amazing boyfriend kept me guessing all day!!!

  • He sends me flowers at the courthouse where I am clerking for the summer! It is an unbelievable 2 dozen rose bouquet! It is gorgeous and needless to say my "perfect man" was the talk of the floor all day! The courthouse ladies love him! I was running late to work that day and he sent me a text at about 10:00 asking me why I wasn't at work and then scolding me for being a slacker. Little did I know that he was really just being impatient and couldn't wait for me to get the flowers! When I got to work, a little birdie (another intern) blurted out "Happy Birthday! You got flowers!!" I think she is the sweetest prep so I wasn't upset, but Bif was annoyed because he wanted me to know about them first. It was funny because he is the only one that calls me "Bunny" and realized that he should put my real name on the delivery and send it to one of our mutual Judge friend's chambers, but the delivery guy still screwed up and sent it to my office instead, which is across from the Judge's chambers. See how pretty they are!!!

  • He made me go to this workout program called "Dog Days". I wasn't going to go, but he told me that our married friends were going to be there and Mrs. Friend was going to be outnumbered by he and Mr. Friend if I didn't show up. So I went. If the name is any indication on how tortuous it is, add that to 98 degree heat with a heat index of 115 and asthma. I wanted to kill him! It is basically drills and running several miles OUTSIDE. Did I mention it was 98 degrees... and my birthday!?!? So, while all of my friends are texting me asking what we are going to do for my birthday I am explaining to them how I am going to workout and how Biff isn't really a bad bf, he just wants me to be healthy!

  • On my way home from DD Biff calls me and tells me "no snacking" because he want's me to be hungry for dinner. I was famished because it was already after 7pm. He then spends an hour and half getting ready at his apartment. I have time to arrange my 2 dozen flowers (they are delivered in a box), talk to mummy and shop the net, then proceed to shower, pick out my prettiest Lilly and do my hair. I hear a noise in the other room. I quietly peak out to see Biff standing next to my pups (who failed to bark = could have been a mass murderer in my house and I would never know!) looking quite dapper. He has let himself in and tells me to hurry up before we miss the movie.

  • We leave for the movie and in the car he tells me that we are too late and that we should grab dinner instead, but it has to be cheap because of the flowers. Of course I am being understanding because he is a broke law student as well. He then suggest we go to Sonic. I politely ignore him because I am still in a great mood because of my roses (and will starve before I eat Sonic on my b-day) and begin to think of where else we can go. Biff suggest we go to one of the nicest Italian restaurants in town and hope they have cheap food. I am thinking "huh?", but I say ok, we can go see.

  • We walk into the restaurant and he gives them my last name (which is Italian) and I am confused about all the commotion about a cheap dinner and movie when we already have reservations. The host shows us to our table and when I turn the corner.... SURPRISE, all of my texting friends are there, even the couple we worked out with at Dog Days!!!

Who would have known Biff and my buddies were so very sneaky. It turns out that all of the events that happened from working out at DD to my friends texting about dinner plans to suggesting we eat at Sonic where a plan to distract me and/or make me want to kill him, making the surprise even a bigger one! I love him.... I am SO the future Mrs. Biff. He knows it too ;)


  1. Happy Birthday! What great surprises for you!

  2. Happy Birthday, that sounds like a wonderful surprise!