Thursday, May 7, 2009

Um.... Am I being Sensitive?!?!

So I was walking to school with my best friend this morning and I think he insulted me. I say think because I know that he didn't mean to, but I was quite irritated!!! He is male and clearly oblivious to what NOT to say to a woman!!! It is 80 degrees here today so I am wearing a cute blue chino skirt. We were walking uphill so naturally I am looking down and I see my legs and think outloud "geez, my legs need a tan, they look kinda pale"! His response to that "naturally" (which I say with immense sarcasm) is that they are kinda chunky in the back too! WTF!?!?! Really?? Me stating that my legs were pale was not an invitation for him to add that they looked lardy as well! I then proceeded to pinch him really hard and emphatically express my utter disbelief at the audacity of his comment!!

ARE GUYS THAT DEVOID OF COMMON SENSE!!! His explanation for his comment was that he didn't think it would offend me because we say stuff like that to each other all the time. I must have missed that memo because I don't think I would be on speaking terms with him if I had to endure that kind of critism regularly. He made it worse by adding that it wasn't an insult and I should just work out. LIKE I DON'T ALREADY HAVE A CHUNKY LEG COMPLEX!!! He knows I complain about my bottom half (which is literally like 2 sizes bigger than my top half). He thinks that gives him license to complain about it too I guess! I really coulda pushed him in front of the bus that came roaring by at approximately the same time that he performed the flexible stunt of putting his entire foot in his mouth!

I told him that he was right, it wasn't offensive and that he was actually doing a public service! I then suggested that he call his mother and tell her about her legs as well. O:)


  1. no! that is so rude! boys don't get it.

  2. All I can say is they are stupid sometimes. I'm sure you are perfect!

  3. Yea, I would have been totally honked off by that comment.
    Cute blog!!

  4. yup... guys just don't get it.

    and you bet I would've pushed him right into traffic!

  5. i'm very self conscious about my legs, so this would have really upset me. i could think of something you could say to him that would really insult him...but its not appropriate for blogging. haha and you probably don't know if its true.