Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Who would have thought!?!?

No... It has nothing to do with Lilly Barbie.....

There is another law school preppy!!! I am so excited!!! I was browsing through my comments today and I saw a new blogger! Well, she isn't new, I am just new to her :) I clicked and behold!!!! I discovered that she was in law school and a lover of Lilly! You can imagine my joy!! So go check out BLC at The Company She Keeps!


  1. Ha, aweeee! Thanks so much for this post. It just warmed my heart. And, I super love your blog. Yaya for Lilly and the law ... our favorite things! Xoxo-BLC

  2. PS: My other favorite prep-lawish blogs are these: http://vivienleethepug.blogspot.com/; http://lipstickandlegalese.blogspot.com/; http://monogrammednest.blogspot.com/; http://justlovelykatherine.blogspot.com/; http://pandiculating.blogspot.com/. Enjoy!!!

  3. PSS: One more ... DAR ... a MUST read: http://d-and-z.blogspot.com/. I promise, I'll stop here. :)