Monday, April 27, 2009

Gilt Group!!

SO I have 7 hour contracts (K for all you lawyerettes) final tomorrow and I should be studying like my life depends on it, but instead I am shopping!!! Why?!?! Don't ask because I don't know! It is just tons more fun than contracts!!! Anywho, if you haven't already, you should check out Gilt Group! It is a site full of designer stuff for major discounts! Right now they have a sale on Ralph Lauren Kids items. Sometimes their style is a lil edgy but otherwise they have tons of cute stuff!

Did I mention that you have to be put on a waitlist unless you get referred by a friend... I have the GOLDEN ticket! lol... Just click on my referral link, sign up for an account and go to town!!!

Ok, back to viewing blogs... and studying of course!


  1. I caught onto your blog from also winning the fancy pants blog award from BLC. I look forward to catching up with you once finals is over and I have my bearings again!

  2. Surprisingly, K was one of my favorite subjects! Good luck tomorrow!

  3. SEVEN hours? wow. good luck with that!

    i got my dress for derby from gilt. great site!