Thursday, April 23, 2009

FINALS!!!! and a great GIVEAWAY!!

So needless to say law school is kicking my cute lil butt right now because of finals! I have 5 finals and the first one is on Saturday. I don't know what genius decided that it was okay for this pearl girl to have to sit in a final ALL Saturday morning! Not cute and definitely not preppy. Unnacceptable.

Anywho, while I am studying like a mad woman, enjoy a few giveaways for me! Especially, the Surprise Lilly giveaway by .MRM It ends tonight at midnight.... SO GET OVER THERE!!!


  1. Oh I used to despise Saturday finals! I feel for you!! And you don't have time I'm sure, but I did tag you in a questions game :) xoxo

  2. so today i was in my evidence final (a 3.5 hour final) and 2.5 hours into the final exam 4 (the computer program we do our finals in) and my comp died and i LOST the entire exam and had to start ALL over! ugh.

    i hope you have better luck!! and best of luck on all your exams!

  3. Hi everyone!! Thanks for the comments! I will get to that question game soon!! Katherine I hope your exam turned out all right! I would have just died!!