Friday, January 15, 2010

Always a Bridesmaid....

It isn't as sad as it sounds. I LOVE being a bridesmaid! It means that you are a good friend! This time around I am the Maid of Honor for my bestfriend's wedding. I am redonkulously excited. I am in the process of planning her bridal shower and I take this responsibility very seriously. First of all, I LOVE planning parties so naturally I am already gathering ideas in my head. Her wedding is at the end of May and I am trying to have the shower at the beginning of May because it takes a while to warm up around here. I want the event to be classy and fun! She isn't quite a prep, but I am slowly converting her! (insert evil laugh here) Her wedding colors are green and white, so I am planning a green, black and white damasked theme tea/brunch. Check out my inspiration pics and tell me what you guys think!!!

*I cannot remember where I got these pics, as I have had them for a while now. If they are yours, I am sooooo sorry and you had a beautiful bridal shower!

I am going to ask everyone to wear black and white tea dresses!

Cutest notepads ever! I am going to do something similar to invites and anything else I can cover in damask!

I am sooooo going to monogram cookies!


  1. You're such a good MOH! The shower idea is great!

  2. super cute!! i'm not sure if you heard about the blog a cinderella project but it's a really cute bridal blog and they have great inspiration for weddings and parties (you can also pass it on to your bride friend!)